Hi, I'm Charlie -

I have spent the past decade helping startups to acquire millions of new customers. I speak ROAS, live for data-driven testing, get excited by a quality backlink, and am on a quest for that perfect quality score. I work remotely and am grateful for the life it has given me. Want to chat marketing?

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My Work

I specialize in digital marketing strategy, product and process development, and scaling operations.

Customer Acquistion

I have managed over $5M in Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing spend with strict conversion goals. I optimized email campaigns reaching millions of leads. And, I have coupon and review sites rank for some of the most competitive eCommerce terms online.


I follow the latest trends in UX. And, I combine that knowledge with analysis of existing user behavior data to inform conversion rate optimization tests – thus lowering customer acquisition costs, increasing user value, and growing profits.

Product Development

Coding improves my ability to work with development teams. My A/B test specs come with HTML and CSS – in addition to mockups and screenshots. And, I use MySQL to query databases for answers before submitting a report request.

Product & Operations

Managing remote teams requires clear communication and ample documentation. I've worked with teams spread across the globe while scaling operations by organizing workflows. Did you check the Google Doc I shared for that?